Stelatex Locker is make of Solid Phenolic board.
Phenolic lockers are made of a solid resin material that is the most durable material made for lockers.
Phenolic lockers are paint, stain and acid resistant. This material is ideal for very heavy use areas that must withstand
the most rigorous conditions.
The superior construction and materials used in the locker system make it adaptable to all types of facilities.
The system is particularly suitable for outdoor and indoor swimming facilities, water parks or locker rooms because they
are completely water resistant.
Extremely sanitary and easy to disinfect.  These lockers will easily withstand unusual wear and tear that is common
throughout public facilities.  Phenolic lockers are ideal for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, stadiums, sports centers,
swimming pools, etc.

In addition, since the phenolic surface is extremely sanitary and easy to disinfect, is ideal for hospitals, schools, nursing
homes, etc. These lockers will easily withstand unusual wear and tear that is common throughout public facilities, such
as stadiums, sports centers, etc.
Our compact lockers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Stelatex lockers are the ultimate in locker design and construction. It does not rust, rot, or disintegrate like steel, wooden
or plastic lockers. .   
Our 100% solid Phenolic Board construction combines with State-of-the-Art hardware design to give you an extensive
range of customized style and sizes for your individual storage needs. Be it a changing room, library, clubhouse,
swimming pool, gym, or school, Stelatex compact lockers are water-proof, highly vandal-resistant, elegant and versatile
in performance. Our wide range of security locks includes cam locks, re-programmable number locks, coin-return locks,
pad-locks and cylinder locks.

Hardware Accessories

Stelatex Lockers represents the finest combination of design and engineering available in solid phenolic locker systems
The materials from which the system is made make phenolic lockers entirely waterproof and rustproof inside and out.
They are particularly suited to withstand harsh environments because of their durability and resistance to moisture and
Complete with powder coated or natural anodize extruded aluminium profiles.

Mobile Phone Locker

New Design Mobile phone locker.
Hand Phone Lockers Are Perfect For Schools, Offices, Government Facilities, Restaurants And Anywhere Employees
Need To Store Personal Items Or Supplies.

These lockers are suitable for use in Schools, Colleges, Call Centres, Hot-desking, Gyms, Hotels, Doctors and Dentists

Conveniently stores hand phones, keys, wallets and more.
Made from steel and powder coated.

The special combination lock allow the user to change the number any time.( 4- number codes)
There is also a master key to open the lock.
If the user forget the number
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