Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Hook S-001

S-002 S-002R SS

Gravity Hinges S-002L

S-003 S-003 SS

Adjustable Leg

S-004 S-004

SS Thumbturn

S-005 S-005

SS Door Knob BIG

S-006 1830mm S-006

U Channel 1mm thk S-006A


S-007 5000mm S-007

SS U Channel 1mm thk

S-008 Panel Holder S-008

S-009 Right Angel S-009


SS-010 Wall Connector S-010

SS- 011 . 2 way joint S-011

SS-012 Latch Lock S-012

SS Indicator Lock 136

Hinges with Cover S-024RC

SS 3mm Heavy Duty S-024LC


SS Hook S-001A

Hinges With cover S-013RC


SS Board leg S-014

Die Cast Lock with S-015


Urinal RAB S-016

Shoe Box RAB S-017

Shoe Box 2440mm S-018

Die Cast RAB S-019

Shoe Box Cover 12mm S-020

Shoe Box Cover 19mm S-021

Small Door Konb S-022

Locker Hinges S-023

SS TT Lock with Rubber S-004R